Dove - Pure softness
By SergioFuego.Estudio

Dove does not dry the skin like a normal soap, it contains 1/4 moisturizer and delicate agents, which clean and moisturize your skin leaving it softer, smoother and visibly healthy. It is not a common soap, it is a beauty bar. 

Our spot highlights "the feeling of softness" that is felt after being used Dove, one of the most important attributes of the product. We work "softness" developing 3D CGI simulations of fludios and cream texture; joining the shots in a dynamic and fun way, without generating visual cuts. We seek to transmit on each of the shots a feeling of fluidity, seeing how the soap splashes, levitates, moisturizes, falls and slides.​​​​​​​

Beauty was portrayed in the pueresa of the white style frames, lightly loaded and with only a few accents in cyan (secondary brand color).


Some early concepts & wip animations

Directed & Produced by SergioFuego.Estudio


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