Advertising spot "The pain stops, you don't."​​​​​​​

Two Feet StudioBitt Animation
On January 2019 we developed the CGI explainer for an Ibupirac advertising . 
The concept we have worked on was fluidity and encapsulated fluid. We also designed subtle white backgrounds with color accents in the most important elements of the ad, the pill and the product. In addition, the color treatment accompanies the idea, highlighting the therapeutic action interacting with the body.

Process / Fluid Simulation.

Different graphic designs of body aches.


Directed by: Two Feet Studio
Executive Producer: Sergio Damonte
Art Director: Federico Bogado
Graphic Design: Federico Bogado, Maximiliano Riedel, Sergio Damonte.
2D & 3D Animation: Maximiliano Riedel, Sergio Damonte
Rendering: Two Feet Studio
Simulations: Sergio Damonte
Compositors: Maximiliano Riedel, Sergio Damonte

Creative Idea: Bitt-Animation
Executive Producer: Mariana Motta
Producer: Paula Monetta, Marc Ferrari

Client: Ibupirac


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