NatGeo Kids
Three funny and playful Idents made for Nat Geo Kids new brand image campaign. The idea was to use Nat Geo classic Yellow Border as the main character of these stories. Balloons, Bouncing Balls and Popcorn.
Bouncing Balls
Directed by: Plenty
Creative Director: Mariano Farias
Executive Producer: Inés Palmas

Art Direction: Federico Bogado
Producer: Clara Etcheverry & María Alvarez Chaus
Design: Federico Bogado & Javier Eyherabide
3D Modelling: Federico Bogado & Javier Eyherabide
Animation: Sergio Fuego Damonte, &  Javier Eyherabide
Rendering & Lighting: Federico Bogado & Javier Eyherabide
Compositing: Federico Bogado & Javier Eyherabide

Music & SFX for Idents: Luciano Pérez
Client: National Geographic
SVP Brand Strategy National Geographic: Emanuele Madeddu
VP Branding National Geographic:  Mariano Barreiro
Art Director Branding National Geographic: Natalia Español


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