Showcasing the UI is one of the most delicate aspects of a brand’s visual development when it comes to a digital product. We see this task as a supporting system for the UI, able to leverage and highlight the product.

The request was to develop a series of stills and animated visuals for Ring Central's app UI, while at the same time maintain the connection with the brand’s framework of people, places and things. So we asked ourselves three questions to keep in mind spectrum of variables where the product lives and should be represented:

Who uses this app? 
Where do we see these people using this app? 
What are the things that they create by using this app? 

With this intention, we organized and developed visuals that go from hyper-realistic desktops to deconstructed representations of the UI. Clean, bright, modern, minimalist setups for the workspaces, and translucent, light, fresh materials for the deconstructed representations of the UI.

The color palette is mainly neutral: white, grey and sand colors combined with soft accents of pastel tones like lavender and peach. Textures like cloth, pottery, stone, and some natural elements like wood, plants, leaves or some flowers, all of which add a sense of warmth, relatability, and life to the scenes. 

The videos are a series of loops, with realistic, subtle movements in order to give life to the environments. The aim is to have fluid and modern animations that wouldn't feel too much of a distraction when displayed on the app's website.

Overall, the goal was to find the right balance and create a modern yet human atmosphere combining design, animation and sound. To develop a set of situations that visually translate a feeling of a modern, calm setup where everything feels seamlessly right, where the lives of the users run smoothly, with a sense of harmony, balance and productivity.

Disclaimer: We recommend headphones on for the looping videos. 

Directed by: NotReal
Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro & Milton Gonzalez
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
Project Manager: Joana Cabrera

Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
Assistant Art Director: Flor Piovesanel
Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez

Design: Flor Tasso, Juan Coria, Damian Stricker, Alberto Carbonell, Luján Borzi, Juan Cioffi, Valeria Moreiro
Animation: Sergio Fuego, Juampi Sciaccaluga, Hernan Lindenbaum, Damian Stricker.

Rendering: Sergio Fuego
Compositing: Sergio Fuego, Hernan Lindenbaum
Color Grading: Hernan Lindenbaum

Sound Design: Facundo Capece

Client: RingCentral
Year: 2020

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