CTA 2019 | Open titles
The Hidden Code Director's cut

Call To Action Conference is about tech, digital products, marketing and of course, making friends.

For the 2019 edition we wanted to emphasize the 6 main topics that headlined the conference: Copy, Analytics, Process, Design, Emotion, and Strategy. Each one of them forms a 3D piece and all coming together compose the final structure.



We wanted to show how the 3D pieces are built. Our storyboard focuses on segments, materials, light, and color. From the development of these small details, the main structure, made up of all those creative edges of the brand, is finally revealed.
Grid & Layout

Since Unbounce is a pioneer in the landing page environment, we’ve got some inspiration from the hidden code behind the digital world to build the graphic architecture of this piece.


Maks Fede
Maks Fede, Gus Barta, James Thomson
Creative Direction

Maks Fede, Fede Bogado
Art Direction

Leslie Ly
Executive Producer

Fede Bogado
3D Design

Sergio Fuego
3D Animation

Maks Fede
2D Animation, 2D Design & Type Layout

Sergio Fuego, Fede Bogado
Lighting + Render

Rocío Galarza
2D Design

Maks Fede
Storyboard and Concept

NMX Audio
Music & Sound Design

July - August 2019

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