RingCentral is the #1 business communications platform, bringing everyone and everything together to get work done. We developed an overview video to showcase everything this powerful app can do, so that viewers can get a glimpse of how broad and complete this product really is. 

Throughout the video we worked on the coexistence of three worlds: Real, Digital and Abstract. For the first one, we developed hyper realistic workspaces: corporative, co-work, coffee shop and home office, all in different light settings representing the variable of time during a working day. Secondly, we introduced the UIs with a dynamic approach, where the app could be displayed realistically but also with a more graphic input, breaking it down into layers to keep the information focused and attractive. Lastly, we played with abstract scenarios for highlighting additional concepts.
The story unfolds dynamically to keep the attention focused, and uses a calm tone of voice to make sure all content is clear and sounds simplifying. Everything you need in one beautiful app.

Directed by: NotReal
Creative Direction: Valeria Moreiro & Milton Gonzalez
Executive Production: Roberto Connolly
Project Manager: Joana Cabrera

Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro, Josefina Llano
Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez

Design: Juan Coria, Flor Tasso, Luján Borzi, Fede Bogado, Damian Stricker, Josefina Llano, Valeria Moreiro
Animation: Juampi Sciaccaluga, Sergio Fuego, Ale Imondi, Damian Stricker, Alex Levington, Milton Gonzalez

Rendering: Sergio Fuego
Compositing: Sergio Fuego, Milton Gonzalez, Hernan Lindenbaum
Color Grading: Hernan Lindenbaum

Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece

Client: RingCentral
Year: 2020

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